Beard Hair Loss

Beard Hair Loss

Having a thick beard is one of the latest fashion and trending style statements. Male adults yearn to have a good texture beard as they love to flaunt it in different ways. Some males have thick beards and can grow long strands of beard hair. Few of them have thin strands of beard and are not as dense.

What is Beard Hair Loss Condition?

Under normal conditions of hair growth, you may shed some facial hair daily as a part of the natural beard growth cycle. Medically, it is known that male hormones spurt beard growth. Low levels of these hormones are bound to cause beard loss.

 What causes Beard Hair Loss?

 Certain conditions cause men to lose some portions or all of their beards. This medical condition is called alopecia barbae. Alopecia barbae is considered to be an auto-immune hair loss condition. In this ailment, your body starts attacking hair follicles considering them as foreign particles. Beard loss is linked mainly to psychological and physical stress. The following are the main reasons for beard hair loss.

  • Any fluctuations in the male hormonal levels
  • Key Vitamins and minerals ( micronutrients ) deficiency
  • Chronic stress.
  • Exposing harsh cosmetic chemicals for beard grooming

If you have a nutritional deficiency of key vitamins and minerals e.g. B-vitamins that play a major role in the production of keratin and collagen for hair growth, it can accelerate your beard hair loss. Long bouts of stress at work, money or relationship issues or any situation causing mental or emotional stress can have a negative impact on the production of male hormones and boost production of the stress hormone cortisol.

Is there a medical treatment available to treat Beard Hair Loss?

Small hair loss patches in the beard area can regrow again with time without treatment. However, if the hair loss is more dominant and widespread across your face then it is a matter of concern. There are few chances that your beard will grow back in those areas. Thus specific treatment is required to counter beard hair loss and restore hair growth.

Hair experts at UltraSlim Clinic are clinically qualified to diagnose and treat any condition of beard hair loss. To avail timely treatment for beard hair loss, contact UltraSlim Clinic today and book an appointment right away!

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