Diamond Polishing

Diamond Polishing

To take good care of your facial skin, it is imperative to remove dead skin cells and dirt from the skin surface. Diamond polishing is an effective way of “sanding” away dead skin cells and other debris from the surface of the skin. It is done with the help of microdermabrasion devices with diamond tips. Diamond polishing is a completely safe and non-invasive treatment. It simply involves mechanical exfoliation to remove unwanted skin surface along with excess oil and dirt.

What is Diamond polishing?


Diamond polishing removes the layer of dead skin cells which is usually the uppermost layer of the skin called the epidermis. The Diamond polishing technique uses an abrasive diamond tip that gently loosens the dead cells, dirt, and debris while a suction device vacuums them away from your skin.


Why diamond polishing is a good way to treat your skin?


Ultraslim Clinic offers diamond polishing treatment as a unique holistic option for skincare and is suited for all skin types. It imparts younger-looking and healthier skin to women and men. It is a gentle method of exfoliating the skin’s surface with a natural diamond head, hence it is deemed safe and effective. It unclogs blocked pores of epidermal skin layers with no side effects at all.

What are the benefits of diamond polishing?


Diamond polishing can be done to treat skin problems such as crow’s feet, lip wrinkles, and blackheads or dark pores around the nose. This technique makes a positive impact as it reveals your younger and brighter skin. It refreshes dull skin while getting rid of dead skin cells. 

This treatment also tackles the appearance of fine lines, patchy complexion, and reduces acne breakouts. A session of diamond microdermabrasion of the face usually takes 30-45 minutes. It is not a painful procedure and you may enjoy it just like you are having a facial.

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