Hair Doctor Near Me

Hair Doctor Near Me

Hair is looked upon as a matter of self-esteem for both men and women. It’s not unusual for men and women, young and old alike to worry about the loss of hair and balding. It is a true fact that hair needs proper care

What are the symptoms of hair fall or hair loss?

First, you may notice excessive hair fall – approximately more than 200 strands in a day. Your hair follicles may shrink beyond the normal leading to thin and lusterless hair that has poor texture. During the later stages, the hair stops growing from the follicles resulting in bald areas on your head.

Stressful lifestyles, bad habits such as smoking, alcohol or drug abuse, and genetic or hereditary factors can contribute to untimely hair fall and balding.

I want to get treated for my hair loss problem – What should I do?

Are you looking for safe medical hair treatment in Mumbai that can be highly effective for you? Then UltraSlim Clinic is the right place you need to visit to restore your hair growth and get natural-looking hair. UltraSlim Clinic has the most comprehensive expert team of skilled hair specialists who would perform your medical hair treatment to fill the bald areas of your scalp. You would see visible improvements in hair growth and results that would satisfy your need to grow new hair.

UltraSlim Clinic is considered to be one of the best hair treatment clinics in Mumbai. Dr. Surjeet Kaur has become a synonym for the best hair doctor in Mumbai. You can visit UltraSlim Clinic to get a chance to meet Dr. Surjeet Kaur Bawa, and her team of hair and skin care experts.

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