Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a hair loss condition wherein a male would start losing his hair on their head. The medical term for male pattern baldness is Androgenetic Alopecia. Male pattern baldness can happen to any male irrespective of his age, caste, or creed.

What are the causes of Male Pattern Baldness?

You must understand the cause of male pattern baldness before finding any cure or getting treated. In most cases, Male pattern baldness is caused due to a genetic condition. This condition arises due to increased production levels of  Di-Hydro-Testosterone hormone commonly known as DHT. Increased DHT levels would hamper the normal hair growth cycle. It induces a delay in the growth of new hair and as time passes, new hair follicles stop growing hair.

Research studies suggest that men exhibiting male pattern baldness are at higher risk of getting diabetes. Male Pattern Baldness can be also be caused due to psychological reasons like mental frustration, depression, and stress.

Is there a cure for Male Pattern Baldness?

It has been observed that men living across the whole world spend billions of dollars every year to find a cure for their male pattern baldness. Most of the cures are nothing but mere money-making hoax spread by greedy and are just fraudulent claims. Men splurge huge sums of money as they are trapped in believing the flashy advertisements that promise remedy for male pattern baldness. Male pattern Baldness brings are embarrassment to men about losing their hair. This drives them to take drastic decisions to find a quick cure for hair loss.

How Do I Get Treatment for Male Pattern Baldness?

At UltraSlim Clinic,  Dr. Surjeet Kaur and her team of hair experts engage with male patients by doing a thorough analysis and diagnosis of their current hair and scalp condition. She would opt for the best treatment combination and technique curing male pattern baldness. The treatment procedure may depend on several factors like the patient’s genetic conditions and past medical history. The treatment for male pattern baldness can be a slow process so it is recommended that you avail the treatment with a lot of patience.

If you have any queries regarding male pattern baldness, schedule a quick appointment with us today and avail the best treatment under the guidance of Dr. Surjeet Kaur at UltraSlim Clinic.

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