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Dr. Surjeet Kaur Bava obtained her Post Graduate Diploma in Skin Aesthetics, Cosmetology and Trichology and specializes in hair and skin treatments. Dr. Bava also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and has also been taking active interests in alternative medicines like Ayurveda. Her passion towards wellness and body care also led us to earn a Certification in Panchakarma from Podar Ayurveda College, Mumbai. She did her bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) from Pune.

Dr. Bava holds certifications in  Diabetology , Hair Transplant – Paris, Specialist Training Course For Weight Loss ( Ultra Contour)-Medixsysteme, France,  Weight Loss Techniques – International Affiliate Of Gcta, Australia, Aroma Therapy- International Affiliate Of Gcta, Australia, Cosmetic Making- International Affiliate Of Gcta, Australia, Ayurveda Cooking- Art Of Living.


Dr. Surjeet Kaur Bava

Dr. Bava also is  Advisor to Maharashtra Ayurved Sammelan, Mumbai, Core Committee member  Of Association Of Ayurvedic  Practitioners, Committee Member Of Ayurved  Vyaspeeth Mumbai, and also is Proprietor  of  Bava Medical Centre, Mumbai.

Dr. Surjeet Kaur Bava is a Member of Mahim  Dharavi Medical Association, Association Of Ayurvedic Practitioners,  National Integrated Medical Association ,Ayurved  Vyaspeeth Mumbai, and Antop Hill Medical Association.

Dr. Bava has been Invited as chairperson at 3 rd International  Conference & 12th National Seminar – AAPCON 2016. She also likes to give her Contribution towards Popularizing Ayurved by holding lectures at various institutes and clubs.

Dr. Surjeet Kaur had recently Held Cme On “ Aharatun Arogyakade” at a renowned Hospital in Mumbai on the occasion of World Ayurveda Day.

The Dream Project

Ultra Slim Clinic is a dream project of Dr. Bava, for whom aesthetics and wellness is more than a profession. At her Sion clinic, she has managed not only to solve her patients’ problems but also create a feeling of comfort and security.

Skin Care & Beauty Reform

Rephrasing the face of skincare and beauty reform therapy in India, Dr. Bava storms the erstwhile bastion of derma-physiology spiking it with technically evolved therapies and medicines.

Innovative Procedures

She earns for herself a stellar reputation as a doctor capable of integrating the most innovative procedures into the most natural and aesthetically pleasing results for her patients.

Assessed, Understood & Diagnosed

To achieve excellence in the clinic’s operations, each patient is required to have a personal consultation with the doctor to determine the most suitable line of action. Skin-type is assessed, the problems understood and a diagnosis is made followed by a tailor-made treatment involving minimal medication.



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