Best Doctor For Acne Treatment In Mumbai

Best Doctor For Acne Treatment In Mumbai

Acne is a common problem for teenage youngsters and adolescents. However, it is now observed that even adults have started suffering from this skin ailment. It may be caused due to the stressful lifestyles and improper diet thanks to our lifestyle it is also creating troubles for a lot of adults.

But what causes acne and scars?

An acne lesion can heal itself naturally due to an inherent ability. However, if this protection mechanism fails, the formation of visible pimples would occur. This would result in the loss or formation of new skin cells and tissues. Mild scars may occur due to loss of tissue. Severe scars are a result of the formation of new but thicker skin tissue.

Aggressive pricking of acne may also result in permanent skin damage causing acne scarring. At times, severe nodular or cystic acne is observed in certain individuals leading to scarring of facial skin.

The following are the different types of acne scars that may be observed in patients with acne problems.

  • Boxcar Scars
  • Hypertrophic Scars
  • Ice-pick Scars
  • Rolling Scars

Best Acne Treatment in Mumbai

Dr. Surjeet Kaur is a well-known skin and hair care specialist offering a plethora of skin aesthetics and dermatological treatment solutions to patients across Mumbai city. She along with her team of skin experts at UltraSlim Clinic would begin the right diagnosis by performing a detailed study of your current skin condition. Several factors are taken into consideration before finalizing specific treatment procedures to minimize acne scars.

They are –

  • Your previous medical history
  • Personal factors like your age, current health conditions, and skin type.
  • Acne type
  • Scar severity
  • Tolerance levels towards medications
  • Ability to bear the pain during medical procedures
  • Special preferences or choice

Connect with our expert team and schedule an appointment today to get the best results with the best doctors offering superior acne treatment in Mumbai.

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