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I have developed my self confidence after taking treatment from Dr. Surjeet Kaur Bava at Ultra Slim Clinic.

Mr Sunil Kadam Saheb, Chief Co-ordinator – Bhartiya Yuva Sena

No workout, No strict dieting and still look slim and fit. Ultra Slim Clinic. showed me a very cool way of looking slim and trim,

Drishti Pathak, Model and actress

Fantastic experience ! Ultra Slim Clinic makes me look younger.

Swapnil Bandodkar, Celebrity Marathi playback singer and actor

At Ultra Slim Clinic I got very good results for my skin problem.

Karan A. Mehta, Pharmacist

Unlike other clinic in Mumbai, Laser hair removal treatment at Ultra Slim Clinic is really the best, safest, fastest and painless.
I am really very happy for the helpful and competent staff.

Pooja Shetty, Computer Engineer

Wonderful way to lose weight, without dubious medicines or strenuous exercises !

Rashmi Prabhale, Client