Laser Hair Reduction

Your personality at the party or the swim event matters a lot

Wish one could just dress up in the favorite off shoulder outfit or the bikini without doing rounds to the salon? 
Men have become very conscious about their looks at the Gym session too.
Laser hair reduction has become the most sought after procedure not only for medical conditions but also for cosmetic purposes by men and women.

Dr. Surjeet Kaur Bava, Practicing Cosmetologist answers questions on :

Unwanted Hair Reduction by Traditional/Conventional methods versus Latest Medical methods -

The most common areas for women are Forehead, Upper Lips, Under Lips, Chin, Sidelocks, Neck Area, Underarms, Arms, Bikini line, Legs.

The most common areas for men are Cheeks, Beard Shaping, Chest, Abdomen and Back.

The latest and the best German technology has arrived in India and first time in Mumbai

It is safe, effective, fast and painless.

The laser light beams are absorbed by the dark colour (melanin) of the hair and works on the hair roots (follicles), without harming the surrounding skin. This stops further hair growth. Since hair follicles grow and re-grow in a cycle, only growing hair are affected in a single session, thus multiple sessions 6 to 8 are required in gap of 4-6 weeks to ensure optimum results.

Benefits of Laser Hair Reduction versus traditional methods

conventional hair removal techniques like waxing, threading, bleaches or depilatory creams offer a temporary solution for unwanted hair.
Laser Hair Reduction offers a near about permanent solution to this problem and helps in reducing the number and thickness of unwanted hair to fine, less visible hair.

Monthly waxing routines will not be required.

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