Face Lift

A word from us : We Highly advise inclusion of In-House Consultation as the best treatment practice.

Face Lift

Considering a refreshed appearance as the years go by? Ever contemplated a Face-Lift? Modern Face-Lift technologies have evolved significantly. Explore these non-surgical procedures for effective and impressive results.

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Mandatory skin care recommended by the Doctor is essential if you are undergoing any skin procedures.

Are you thinking about your ageing look? A face-lift can be an option you can think upon

Face lift technologies have come a long way. There are non-surgical as well as surgical procedures involved which can offer you good results.

Face-lifts just tightened skin using Faraday’s currents, then came the Radio frequency; whereas these days face-lifts with the HIFU technology do more by re-positioning muscle, skin, and fat.

The best candidates for non-surgical face-lift treatment are people who show some signs of facial aging but still have some skin elasticity. Generally, this includes people who are post mid-30s.

Before you get a face-lift, you should be in good health and have realistic expectations. A face-lift will definitely bring you a younger and a refreshed look.

If you’ve decided to explore a face-lift, set up a consultation at our clinic.

During consultation, you should talk about your expectations. You should also talk about your current health, your medical history, any medicines you take, and whether you smoke.

The consultant will consider accordingly, examine your face, and talk to you about your options.

It may be that you don’t need a face-lift but a more minor procedure that will achieve your goals.

Safe facelift you can be done without surgical intervention. Patients can do the treatment and immediately go back to work, no wounds, no scars and no anesthesia.

One can optionally go for a brow lift only.

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