Skin Hair Consultation

Skin Hair Consultation

At Ultra Slim Clinic, medical treatments which are non-invasive and non-surgical treatments which are selected and customized for different skin, hair and/or body type by our Specialist Dr. Surjeet Kaur Bava.


Your First Choice for Skin and Hair Treatment!

Our Practitioners understand the uniqueness of every individual about their hair and skin. We promise to deliver the best with highest international safety measures. It’s indeed a confidence raising experience once the treatment is done. Every person undergoes his or her own tailor made treatment depending upon the skin and hair structure and body constitution. 


Fairness / Pigmentation

Fairness or Pigmentation procedure includes treatment like Chemical Peel. In this procedure, Dead skin layers are exfoliated improving skin tone and brightening colour providing a full facial rejuvenation. There is very minimal downtime and a patient can proceed to do their daily activities immediately.


Acne, Black Heads

Based on the detailed examination of the affected skin and diagnosis done by our practitioners, various types of solutions to acne and/or blacheads are prescribed which can includes medications, anti-acne products and treatments.


Hair Fall / Hair Loss

Our approach includes holistic treatments for hairfall and hairloss that goes to the root of the problem. Our Trichologist analyzes the cause of your Hair Loss and provide treatment accordingly. Our treatment helps strengthen hair roots and slows down the rate of hair fall.


Beard Hair Growth

Our Solutions for Beard Hair Loss helps in controlling not just hair-fall, but also boosting new hair growth. Our specialists examines the requirement and suggest the procedure accordingly.


Face Lift

Our Clinic has various noninvasive techniques available, addressing many kind of issues like fine lines, deep creases, lax skin, thinning lips, sunken cheeks, large pores, acne scarring and the loss of facial volume.


Breast Lift for Women

Factors such as weight fluctuation, preganancy, breastfeeding and/or aging can directly affect elasticity, shape and firmness of breasts. We offer personalized, effective, non-invasive and non-surgical treatments that rejuvenates the skin and sculpt the body.


Non Invasive and Non Surgical Approach

Each of our treatments is adapted to suit your requirements. The needs of every person are different, so we recommend the treatments that most suit your needs, your expectations and your physical requirement.

Expert Consultation

Dr. Surjeet Bava and her team of highly qualified and trained experts analysis the skin professionally and then consult accordingly.


Personalized Care

Once you come to Ultra Slim Clinic, you will get a personalized care schedule along with a description of the obvious post-treatment improvements.


Post Treatment Consulttion

Our professional and trained staff is always available to respond to your questions and concerns about the procedures.


Your Comfort comes First

You are suggested on various non-surgical procedures in order to make informed choices under Dr. Surjeet ‘s guidance.

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