Treatment For Oily Face And Pimples

Treatment For Oily Face And Pimples

Are you suffering from too much oil on your face?

Does your face have a greasy look that refuses to leave your face all day?

Because of your oily skin, you may be suffering from pimples on your face. Let us understand why your face becomes oily often even after washing it often.

Why is your skin oily?

Your skin has a natural protection mechanism that ensures your skin stays protected all the time. Your facial skin would produce a certain amount of natural oils from sebaceous glands to stay healthy. The natural oils named sebum – quite essential for your skin as it keeps your skin protected, healthy, and hydrated. However, when it starts producing sebum (oil), in excessive quantities, your facial skin would start appearing shiny and greasy and would result in clogged pores.

How do you know that your skin is oily?

There are several ways to determine whether you have oily skin or not. Few initial symptoms are as follows to determine whether your skin is of oily type.

  • Enlarged skin pores
  • Frequent oil breakouts
  • Greasy look/skin appearance
  • Constant sweat and sticky skin
  • Immediate family members having an oily skin type
  • Dry makeup sliding off often

What Causes Pimples?

Increased sebum or oil production may lead to the development of various lesions. This causes the hair follicles to swell up with the excess oil. The skin pores get clogged with oil, dust particles and get infected leading to visible pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads.

We, at UltraSlim Clinic, are aware of the growing concerns for oily skin type. Expert skincare specialists can help you understand your oily condition in detail. Our customized skincare treatment would solve your problem for oily skin and pimples. You can refrain from experimenting with random skincare products that may do more damage than cure.

Connect with expert skincare professionals at UltraSlim Clinic and start your treatment for the best results.

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