Glycolic Peel Facial

Glycolic acid peels are essentially a chemical peel which is the main component of glycolic acid.

At present, glycolic acid is a popular treatment for acne and wrinkles. Glycolic acid helps remove the “glue” that binds the old, rough and dry skin on the surface when applied to the skin. The clean, new layer is clear when it removes the top layer of skin. It’s this layer that’s new and without damage.

People with glycolic acid peels are often amazed at the results – they look young, have lesser fine lines and wrinkles, and when they have acne, they often start noticing that their skin is a little less oily and much brighter.

Benefits of Glycolic Acid Peel:

  • Promotes production of Collagen
  • Smoothens skin tone
  • Rejuvenate skin
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Prevent sagging skin
  • Prevents deep lines, wrinkles and blocked pores
  • Reduces uneven complexion, dead cells and much more…

How does a Glycolic Acid Peel work?

A chemical peel can be done without getting any other cosmetic surgery performed, even though it can yield outstanding results, a glycolic acid (or other) peel isn’t made to take the place of a facelift or other cosmetic procedures.

A thin layer of the peel is applied all over your face and left for a duration of time that depends on the particular peel you are getting, the reasons for having it and the person who is doing the peel.

The peel is removed and you are free. There is no real recovery time with a light peel like a glycolic acid peel and no pain relievers are needed.

Our Skin Specialists at Ultra Slim Clinic, analyzes your skin type and condition and offer you with the best possible treatment at an affordable rate.