Hair Treatment

Hair Treatment


Treatment cost may vary depending upon the prevailing health and hair condition.

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The health and beauty of human hair has immeasurable psychological importance. Long, thick and strong hair resembling Rapunzel, is the dream of every woman. However, in a bid to achieve this, chemical agents and beautification therapies are being adopted in plenty. Such use inadvertently becomes the aetiology of a variety of hair problems that not only leads to alterations in the physical appearance of a person but also affects the overall personality and confidence.

Hair products like shampoos, conditioners, colors, dyes, styling gels, mousse etc. are the most ‘laden-with- toxins’ factors. Similarly, straightening, perming, ironing of hair are treatments that damage hair structure in the long run. Over exposure to harsh sunlight, wind, dust and polluted/ hard water are also causes to reckon with.

Also some prevailing medical conditions or nutritional deficiencies can cause difficult hair or unmanageable hair. A person can suffer from Tremendous hair fall, dandruff, alopecia or hair loss. Balding is seen even in youngsters these days.

We, At Ultra Slim Clinic- undertake treatment for such hair conditions.

Kindly fix an appointment in advance for your consultation with the Trichologist to know the further course of treatment to achieve healthy hair.