Lasers in Medical Cosmetology - A Certification Course

laser This, laser That.

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of cutting-edge cosmetic lasers with our specialized Certification in Lasers for Medical Cosmetology, meticulously crafted by UltraSlim. This comprehensive program is your gateway to a deep exploration of laser technology and its versatile applications in the fields of hair reduction, tattoo removal, and slimming.

Delve into the intricacies of laser technology, understanding not only how it works but also the critical nuances of selecting the ideal laser for each specific application. Gain mastery in the art of adjusting laser parameters effectively, ensuring superior results for your clients.

Discover how lasers are harnessed to reduce hair, remove tattoos, and achieve remarkable slimming results. This prestigious certification positions you as a leading expert in the dynamic realm of medical cosmetology, equipped to offer top-tier treatments that harness the power of lasers for aesthetic excellence.

  • Eligibility – BAMS / MD Ayurved

  • Entrance Test will be conducted

  • Scholarship will be given based on the score of the Entrance examination – Management decision
    will be final

  • 75% of the Fees to be deposited in advance before the commencement of the course


  • 25 % Within 2 weeks of commencement of the course.

  • No Refund will be given once admission is confirmed.

  • 80 % Attendance is compulsory.

  • Exam will be conducted 2 weeks after the completion of the course – it will be offline mode.

  • Results to be declared 2 weeks after the exams.

  • Diploma will be awarded within a week of result declaration.

  • Support will be provided to all the candidates who are awarded Diploma and Certificate at Ultra Slim Clinic & Medical Cosmetology Institute by Dr.Surjeet Kaur Bava.


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