Aesthetic Skin Clinic

Aesthetic Skin Clinic

People living in Metro cities like Mumbai are more prone to skin related ailments. Various factors like stressful lifestyle, junk food, irregular eating or sleeping habits, lack of exercise, obesity, accumulation of toxins in the body, pollution may cause a number of skin disorders. The result – you will have lustreless and dull skin. Your skin will start losing its elasticity and it may hamper the way you look. Your skin may lose its visual appeal and you may feel less confident while appearing in public.

Are you suffering for a skin ailment as well?

Are you struggling to make the right choice for availing the best aesthetic treatment?

All your worries end here. The right solution to your skin ailments and to improve its visual appeal is by undergoing an optimum aesthetic skin treatment. If you want to enhance your facial features and get that radiant glowing facial look, UltraSlim Clinic is the best choice. UltraSlim Clinic delivers the best skin aesthetic services to its patients by resolving numerous skin problems.

The expert aesthetic skin experts at UltraSlim Clinic understand that your decision to visit usĀ  undergo the aesthetic treatment is an important one. The team of highly skilled doctors at UltraSlim Clinic led by Dr. Surjeet Kaur Bava, are entirely dedicated to the well being of our patients. We educate our patients and help them make the right choice of treatment by keeping them well informed. The aesthetic skin treatments are performed with high standards and the best medical equipment. Patients are attended with the utmost care in a warm, welcoming, friendly, and safe environment.

Exclusive medical and aesthetics treatments like Diamond Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peel Treatment, Skin whitening and Skin rejuvenation are impeccably conducted at UltraSLim Clinic. Patients with skin disorders or persistent problems visit UltraSlim Clinic and return happily with the desired results.