Chemical Peel for Pigmentation at Home

Chemical Peel for Pigmentation at Home

Chemical peels are effective for treating skin hyperpigmentation and issues including age spots, melasma, dark spots, acne marks, and uneven skin tone. You can find it easy to apply chemical peels from the convenience at your home.

A chemical peel uses special acidic nature solutions in strong concentration. These specialized solutions can be applied to the desired area of skin for the treatment of hyperpigmentation. Chemical peels are specially created to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation by removing the redundant top layer of the skin.

The common chemical peels available are Trichloroacetic acid (TCA), Glycolic acid, Kojic acid, Yellow peel, Jessner’s peel, Salicylic acid, Phenol peels, etc. Once you apply the peel on the desired area, you may expect a mild burning sensation and redness. Usually, this redness and burning sensation would settle within a few hours. However, over the next 2-7 days, the skin would start peeling away gradually.

Some chemical peels are meant for medium or deeper skin penetration. Medium and deep chemical peels should be administered by a specialist skin expert or dermatologist. Unguided use of chemical peels can result in disastrous side effects including excessive pigmentation.

These deep penetrating chemical peels may reach out to treat the skin cells in the middle layer of your skin and produce better results. Although you may prefer getting a chemical peel at home, however, you should prefer doing this treatment at UltraSlim Clinic in presence of best skin experts. Their guidance can deem helpful in determining the right combination of chemical peels and their quantity that is fairly suitable for your type of skin. Experimenting with chemical peels without knowing the outcome may result in disastrous effects.

You can connect with Dr. Surjeet Kaur as your most trusted dermatologist to get the best treatment for hyperpigmentation. Connect with us today and avail the best consultation for chemical peel treatment at home.