Ultraslim Clinic operates by a simple mantra…

Beauty is all about you.

We believe that true beauty is an authentic reflection of you, as you’ve always known it to be.

Our own Formulations

Transform Your Beauty Regimen with Our Signature Blends.

Treatment Plans

Achieve your unique cosmetic goals. Whether it’s rejuvenation, weight management, skin enhancements, or hair transformations, our experts have created specialized pathways to enhance your natural beauty. Begin your journey to a more confident, radiant you by exploring the comprehensive services below.

Body Slimming



laser hair

Laser Hair Reduction

Chemical Peels


Hair Treatment

Hear from our Clients

Drishti Pathak Model and actress

No workout, No strict dieting and still look slim and fit. Ultra Slim Clinic. showed me a very cool way of looking slim and trim.

Swapnil Bandodkar Celebrity Marathi playback singer and actor

Fantastic experience ! Ultra Slim Clinic makes me look younger.

The cosmetologist's hands do a manual relaxing rejuvenating facial massage for a young woman

Ultra Skincare For Your Beautiful Skin

Your skin is unique, and at UltraSlim, we believe in celebrating that uniqueness. Our mission is to help you reveal your skin’s full potential and embrace your natural beauty. With decades of experience and a commitment to excellence, we’ve carefully curated a range of skincare solutions to cater to your specific needs. 

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Our advanced formulations are here to elevate your skin & haircare experience and help you achieve a more radiant, youthful complexion. Embrace rejuvenation.

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